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The Telework Coordinator is the person in the middle; the person management turns to when they want to know how the program is going, and the person managers turn to when they need advice or assistance. The coordinator manages the program and is in touch with day-to-day program operations. Small and mid-size organizations probably won't hire someone for the coordinator position, but they may want to assign someone the coordinator's duties. Performance of this function will help the program run more smoothly.

The primary functions for the coordinator are to provide support for managers and monitor the program for management. In addition, the coordinator may provide training, write reports, and essentially be the organization's resident telework expert. The Coordinator should be a pro-active person who can solve problems before they become serious, a good communicator who enjoys hands-on interaction, and someone who is well organized.

Providing Support: The coordinator should have frequent discussions with managers about telework, teleworkers, and the effect of telework on office employees who don't telework. Because the coordinator has these discussions with all managers he or she will see any trends that may be developing. The coordinator can be a good listener for managers as they adapt to new management techniques. So the coordinator needs to be part guru, part counselor, and part investigator.

One reason it's good for the coordinator to be part of the program team from the beginning is that the coordinator needs to have a thorough knowledge of the program and its policies. If the organization has a disaster preparedness or continuity of operations plan, the coordinator may be the key person to mobilize the teleworking workforce.

Monitoring the Program: The coordinator is also responsible for maintaining records and tracking progress. He or she may keep records of applications, evaluations, worker logs and other data. If there are measurements taken relative to the organization's goals, the coordinator will likely be the person to compile them and possibly produce reports. So the coordinator also needs to be organized and have some data handling skills.

Should the coordinator also perform manager evaluations? Certainly the coordinator should know how well managers are handling their telework responsibilities, and they might conduct an evaluation solely about telework management. However, coordinators probably should not conduct annual evaluations.

The Coordinator role may not be a full-time job. That depends on the number of tasks assigned and the size of they program. A manager could assume the coordinator's duties if they have time to do the work. Like any other program, the telework program requires monitoring and maintenance to operate properly.

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