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About Telework

Basic information for employees or executives who want to learn about telework

For Teleworkers

Information for employees considering telework, plus tips for teleworkers

For Managers

Information for those who manage teleworkers

For Organizations

Information for management and the telework program team


Information about the technology requirements of telework


A library of policies, guides, programs, toolkits, and other resources

Community Template

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About the Project

Background information about the Telework Pilot Project

About Telework

About Telework

Landing Page

What is Telework?

Related Concepts

Benefits of Telework

Benefits for Employees

Benefits for Organizations

Benefits for the Community

Telework Q & A

Q & A for Employees

Q & A for Organizations

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For Teleworkers

For Teleworkers

Landing Page

Exploring Telework

Things You Need to Know

Self-Assessment Form

Applying for Telework

Mastering Telework

Tips for Success

Setting up a Home Office

Office Location

Office Set-up

Office Safety

Office Child Proofing

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For Managers

For Managers

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The Reasons for Telework

Tips for Telework Managers

Evaluating a Request

Denying a Request

Evaluating Teleworkers

Terminating an Agreement

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For Organizations

For Organizations

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Intent of Telework

Management Concerns




Service Quality

Program Costs & Savings

Office Routine

Is a Formal Program Necessary?

Building a Telework Program

Define Management Support

Assemble a Program Team

Determine Program Goals

Employee & Work Suitability

Workplace & Legal Issues

Policies & Forms

Telework Policy

Telework Agreement

Electronic Communications

Records Retention Policy

Security Policy

Continuity of Operations Plan


Equipment Decisions


Manager Participation

Telework Coordinator

Program Communication

Program Promotion

Manager Evaluations

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Data Access

Data Sensitivity

Technology Requirements

Minimizing Risk

Internet Access


IT Security


Anti-virus Software

Virtual Private Network

Encryption Software

Security Training

Secure Data Storage

Equipment & Tools


Telephone Service

Audio Conferencing

Web Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Instant Messaging

Desktop Sharing



Social Networking

Discussion Forums

IT Support

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Telework Organizations

Telework Programs

Telework Policies

Telework Agreements

Guides & Forms

Telework Training

Authors & Articles

Interesting Sites

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Community Template

Community Template

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About The Telework Pilot Project

About The Project

Landing Page

Project Scope (PDF)


Project Team

Recruitment Materials

Report to the Legislature

Project Surveys


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About the Telework Pilot Project

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