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Telework Coordinator

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Once the program team is ready to roll out the program, use whatever channels are available to notify employees that telework is now an option. Consider organization-wide emails, posters, or flyers. It is important that all employees know of the program, the goals of the program, and that there is an equitable procedure for receiving permission to telework. Employees should be directed to the Employee Page of the toolkit where they can read about telework and try the Employee Self Assessment (or directed to a self assessment form you have created). By reading this material employees will realize that not everyone who applies will be selected, and that teleworkers have additional responsibilities. This should limit applications for telework to those who are most serious.

Telework can be a powerful recruitment tool. Make sure the HR department and recruiters are informed and know to promote the program when discussing the organization with potential recruits. If the organization's website has a careers page, make sure telework is mentioned.

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