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About The
Telework Pilot Project

About The Project

Project Scope (PDF)


Project Team

Recruitment Materials

Report to the Legislature
  Coming July 1, 2009

Project Surveys



Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council

  • Mary McClure, Project Director
  • Brad Rucker, Project Manager & Survey Coordinator
  • Annie Eissler, IT Coordinator
  • Vicky Clarke, Staff Support


Washington State Department of Transportation

  • Keith Cotton, Urban Programs Manager, WSDOT Public Transportation Division
  • Casey Kanzler, GTEC Program Manager, WSDOT Public Transportation Division

WSU Logo

Washington State University Extension & College of Liberal Arts

  • Monica L. Babine, Senior Associate for Telework, Governmental Studies & Services

Kitsap County Logo

Kitsap County

  • Craig Adams, Application Services Manager, Information Services

City of Pouslbo Logo

City of Poulsbo

  • Ed Stern, Councilmember
    (Also Boardmember KRCC / PSRC / AWC )
  • Tim Treacher, Information Services Manager

City of Bainbridge Island Logo

City of Bainbridge Island

  • Steve Miller, Information Technology Director


Kitsap Public Utility District

  • David Jones, Telecom Marketing Manager

KRL Logo

Kitsap Regional Library

  • Susan Whitford, Director of Technology & Facilities


Kitsap Economic Development Alliance

  • Kathy S Cocus, Director of Business Development

Kitsap Transit Logo

Kitsap Transit

  • John Clauson, Service Development Director
  • Tricia Clement, CTR Administrator
  • Lindsay Bailey, CTR Administrator

SK Schools Logo

South Kitsap School District

  • Derry Lyons, Information Technology Services Director

About the Telework Pilot Project

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