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In 2006, The Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council assembled a team of agency IT and HR managers to explore teleworking and workplace technologies. Their task was to study which technologies worked best in which conditions, the components of a telework policy, security, and other technology issues affecting public agencies. The team shared its findings in a series of brown bag lunches. Handouts, and other information from the June 14, 2007 brown bag lunch:

The team's investigation into teleworking showed strong interest and promise. HR Directors saw telework as a benefit that could help retain high-knowledge employees in Kitsap County. The team also found that many organizations adopt teleworking incrementally, learning through trial and error what works and what doesn't, sometimes without clear policies in place. The team concluded that telework would be more feasible for employers if they were provided with some basic tools, such as facts to address their questions and concerns, and a telework policy template, so they didn't have to invent it from scratch. This was the genesis of the telework toolkit and pilot project.

About the Telework Pilot Project

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