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A great deal has been written about regular evaluations of teleworkers as a method of measuring the success of a telework program. Whether because of their work habits or aptitude, or for other reasons, some employees are more suited than others for telework, or quicker than others to adapt to working remotely. It is reasonable to assume that the same is true for telework managers: some will take to a new style of management quicker and more easily than others. This is why manager evaluations are important.

The evaluations don't have to be "evaluations" as such, but a review process, and one that occurs on a regular schedule is important. This will help identify where managers may be having difficulties and where they may need training or support. Possible discussion/evaluation topics include:

  • What is the manager's overall opinion of telework and the telework program? How does this change over time?
  • Does the manager have specific doubts or concerns? If so, what are they?
  • Is the manager able to reach teleworkers when needed?
  • Does the manager communicate any differently with teleworkers than with non-teleworks? If so, how and why is it different?
  • Does the manager assign work any differently to teleworkers and non-teleworkers? If so, how and why is it different?
  • Is telework increasing the manager's workload? If so, how?
  • Has the manager's style of managing changed? Is it different for teleworkers than for non-teleworkers? If different, can the new style work with non-teleworkers too?
  • Can the manager evaluate how the teleworker is doing without "seeing" them at their desk?
  • Has telework caused any problems in the department? Has it caused any problems among those that don't telework? If so, what are the problems and how are they being addressed?
  • Are teleworkers being as productive on telework days as non-telework days? How does the manager know? Is this something they can measure or is it only an impression?
  • Are there specific skills the manager could use to better manage in a telework environment?

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