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Before establishing goals and policies, it is important to clearly understand where executive management stands on the issue of telework. There shouldn't be any misunderstanding about this as management's position can have a significant impact on the program. Top management may be enthusiastic and view telework as an important strategic direction for the organization, or may be suspicious of telework and only willing to give it a limited trial. Create a realistic scope for how the program will be developed that is in line with management support, and don't let personal enthusiasm (or the team's enthusiasm) for telework create unrealistic expectations that can't be met.

Begin by understanding what management defines as a successful program. Is the program successful if it improves employee morale, or provides employees with a better work/life balance, or saves real estate costs, or helps meet vehicle trip reduction or emissions reduction goals? The Benefits for Organizations page can help define these goals, which may be different for each organization. Defining goals clarifies what management is supporting and expecting, and it helps shape the program. Goals can be reviewed and revised periodically.

Consider how progress toward goals can be determined. Some changes may not be measurable for a long time (lower employee turnover, for example) and some may be difficult to measure with a great deal of accuracy (such as employee productivity). Nevertheless, having definite goals and plans in place for measuring or reviewing progress, provides focus and helps define and maintain management support.

In organizations that have a Board of Directors, the program will also need to maintain the support of the board. Board members may initially see telework as irrelevant to the organization's mission. Clear goals, a rationale for telework, and progress reports will go a long way toward gaining and maintaining support.

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