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Employee Self-Assessment Form: This form is designed to help employees determine if they have the attributes and home situation suitable for telework. Some managers like to review this with employees who are applying for telework. The toolkit includes a generic employee assessment form. There is also a template of the form that can be modified.

Telework Application & Authorization: Not all organizations use an application form; they find the signed and dated employee agreement to be sufficient documentation. Other organizations like to have an application on file to provide a paper trail of when the employee requested telework and the outcome of their request; i.e. reason the request was granted or denied, and who approved or denied it.

Home-Office Checklist: This form is designed to help employees set up their home office. Employees will need to review this form with their manager in advance because many of the requirements for a home are set by the employer. The version of the Home-Office Checklist included in the toolkit requires the manager's input.

There is wide difference among employers as to the content of a home office checklist. Some are extremely detailed while others are minimal. Some focus on safety features and others focus on equipment. You may want to develop one that reflects your organization's exact requirements.

Some employers require the employee to provide photos of their home office to document that requirements have been met. Some employers make a home inspection. There may be conditions under which Labor & Industries may also make a home inspection. Employees should be informed of conditions under which an inspection may occur.

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Employee Self-Assessment Form

Self-Assessment Form (template)

Setting Up a Home Office

Home Office Checklist


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