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Some organizations offer telework informally. Meaning some form of telework has evolved over time, but no clear policy has been instituted. This informal approach may be OK in small organizations where good communication is present and expectations are clear. However, experts report that most organizations need a formal program for telework to yield benefits. Organizations without a formal program typically experience the following problems:

  • Without clear goals it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of telework.
  • There are no consistent standards concerning the compatibility of software.
  • Without policies and guidelines, the organization will have employees working from home who are unsuited to telework.
  • Productivity can suffer because managers aren't properly prepared to manage teleworkers.
  • Informal teleworkers may not be sufficiently trained to manage data and minimize security risks.
  • Expenses aren't managed and costs aren't controlled. Potential savings are lost.
  • Productivity decreases and security risks increase when the IT Department isn't part of the telework program, which is usually the case with informal programs.

Even organizations with a formal program can get lax and see the benefits decline. Programs should be reviewed on a periodic basis for effectiveness. It is particularly important that security protocols are being followed.

Starting and running a telework program is like starting any other business endeavor; it involves planning, budgets, marketing, management, reporting, and evaluations. Although this seems overwhelming, the Building a Telework Program section will guide you through the process.

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