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One of the first tasks of the program team is to determine the goals of the program; initial goals and possibly long-term goals. The benefits sections of the toolkit (links right) will give a good picture of what is possible. Different parts of the organization may have different goals. For HR, the most important goal might be employee retention. A goal of the IT department might be to have a telework program that doesn't require on-site troubleshooting. The CEO might want the program to have a strong emergency preparedness element. Different goals may have an impact on what equipment or software is required.

There are also goals unrelated to the benefits, but related to the program itself, such as having a certain number of employees teleworking within a particular timeframe.

It is important to prioritize these goals, especially if you plan to evaluate the program later on. One exercise is to have each member of the team list the goals that are important to them and then make the case to the rest of the team. Another idea is to take all of the suggestions, put them in one list and have each team member prioritize the list. A tally of the results may help the team reach a consensus on priorities.

When establishing goals, consider how you will know if the goals are reached. Whenever possible implement a method of evaluating or reviewing progress toward goals. This allows problems to be identified before they seriously harm the program, and productivity.

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