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Intent of Telework

Management Concerns

Building a Telework Program

Define Management Support

Assemble a Program Team

Determine Program Goals

Employee & Work Suitability

Workplace & Legal Issues

Policies & Forms

Equipment Decisions


Manager Participation

Telework Coordinator

Program Communication

Program Promotion

Manager Evaluations


Once the decision has been made to create a telework program, either a formal or informal program, this section walks through the process step by step. Basically, this involves determining what kind of program the organization will have, who will be involved in decision making, what kind of program management will support, the program's goals, and how various workplace, legal, and equipment issues will be addressed. The decisions made concerning many of these topics will form the basis of a telework policy.

Even if the intention is to start small with only a few teleworkers, it is worthwhile to think about the issues discussed in this section.

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