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A telework program requires input from various departments in an organization. The larger the organization, the greater the number of departments involved. In small organizations, one person may be responsible for the entire project, although they may seek advice from consultants or vendors.

The team approach to creating a telework program gets key people involved early and helps distribute the work. A telework team, or advisory committee, has two primary functions, (1) to establish program goals, and (2) to establish program standards. Both are discussed in greater detail in this section.

Who is on the team? Although organizations sometimes start telework in a single department it is probably a good idea for a cross-section of departments to be represented in the planning. It may be good to have employees represented on the team, and if unions are going to be involved, it is probably best that they are involved early on. Someone knowledgeable about legal and HR issues would be a good addition.

One of the most important people to have on the team is someone highly knowledgeable of information technology issues; particularly related to security and connectivity. The IT Director or someone representing the IT Department should be involved. Smaller organizations may need to consult an IT professional.

Larger organizations may want to hire or designate one person as the Program Coordinator or Manager. The coordinator runs the program. This is the person management looks to for progress reports and managers look to for advice. If the organization is going to have a coordinator, it is a good idea for that person to be on the program team as soon as possible. Very large organizations may also have coordinators at the department, division, or regional level. Click here for more information about the Coordinator role.

In a very small organization, the team may be made up of employees. Getting them involved during policy preparation will help them internalize the fundamentals of teleworking.

Team Assignment: The team's first assignment should be to review the toolkit. This will provide the background information needed to begin establishing program goals and policies.

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