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The process of applying for telework varies from organization to organization. In most cases you apply through your manager. Before applying, you should do the following:

  • Read the employee section of the toolkit
  • Complete the employee self-assessment form
  • Be familiar with your organization's telework policy
  • Be prepared to answer your manager's questions

When you are ready, tell your manager that you would like to apply for telework. Your manager will probably schedule a time to discuss your request. There may be an application you need to submit.

If you are approved, you will probably be asked to sign a Telework Agreement. This is essentially a contract between you and your employer that states your agreement to certain rules about telework. These rules vary greatly from one employer to another, so the Toolkit cannot tell you what will be included in your agreement. In most organizations, the Telework Agreement is for a limited time period and often there is a fairly short trial period before the agreement is renewed; usually for one year. The Telework Agreement is not a guarantee of employment.

The Telework Toolkit includes a Generic Agreement (right) that will give you some idea of what is often included in an agreement. Check with your manager or Human Resources Department to see if your organization has a Telework Agreement.

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